The Productive Outs PRODcast
PRODcast 7: We Are All Pedro Feliz


Here's how it's gonna go down:

  • Riley gets kidnapped by a dude who's wasted on cough syrup. 
  • Your awesome emails!
  •, God's gift to baseball fans
  • Check in on the Giants & Angels
  • Ian's special day of baseball nerdery!
  • Upcoming Kowloon Walled City and Thrice news
  • And then Not Jose Mota

And we're done!

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PRODcast 6: The Steve Garvey, You're Not My Padre Edition

And it goes a little sumthin' like this:

  • Emails
  • BL'AST!
  • Stupid shit
  • Kevin Goldstein interview!
  • Adios

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PRODcast 5: The Peak Production Years

This is the last week of non-real baseball, so we had to go deep to come up with almost 2 hours of nonsense to talk about. We've got:

  • BOLD MLB Predictions!
  • Your emails
  • Hall of Jeffs
  • Sam Miller!

As always, thanks for listening!

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PRODcast 4: The DadLap Edition
  • You sent us emails. We answered them. 
  • We tell you about Unsane.
  • We talk Spring Training. 
  • Hall of Jeffs. LOL of the Week. DADLAP. 
  • Grant Brisbee talks about meeting Pat Burrell and explaining ERA+ to him. 
  • Phoenix is a weird place with ghosts and guns. And ghosts with guns. 

P.S.: Our sweet new theme song was written and recorded by Riley and Ian and mixed by Scott Evans

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Our longest episode yet, at nearly 90 minutes. We discuss:

  1. Our cool new t-shirts
  2. Hall of Jeffs update
  3. Our musical guest: O'Brother
  4. Two things that could sink the Giants and the Angels
  5. South by Southwest from the musician's perspective
  6. Fantasy baseball, pro and con
  7. New Kowloon Walled City rekkid

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Episode 2 is in your earholes! We've got:

  • Riley's Spring Training Report
  • The Hall of Jeffs (and Geoffs)
  • Dog Shredder and the pro's and cons of Bad Religion

Thanks for listening!

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Riley and Ian prattle on about:

  • The start of spring training
  • Their respective upcoming trips to the Cactus League
  • Season previews of the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
  • East of the Wall!

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