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The Music

This episode is dedicated to the memory of our friend Caleb Scofield. He made amazing music and we were lucky to have him in our lives. 

If you can, please give something is his memory at

The bumper music from this episode is:

Rest easy, Caleb. 


From Canada and elsewhere.

The Baseball Things

  • We introduce the BAD BROADCASTER BRACKET! Email or tweet us feedback. 
  • We attempt to name the Marlins starting and the Padres starting rotation. It does not go well
  • Shohei: the best.
  • Stanton’s rough start in NY.
  • Let us take a moment to celebrate our new hero, Kazuhisa Makita
  • Minor League names team of the week: The San Jose Giants

The Old School Player of the Week Is...

Dwight Vern Bernard

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