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PRODcast 12: The Wade Boggs' Mustachioed, Pre-Game-Chicken-Eating, Beer-Chugging, Philandering Spectacular

Just reading the title takes an hour, so there's just 7 minutes of actual content. 


We gots:

  • How the hell did the AL West become the most exciting division in baseball??
  • Angles/Ginats
  • Tame Impala!
  • Outro

As always, keep those cards and letter coming, and thanks for listening! 

r & i

PRODcast 11: The Doug Decinces Edition

Technical difficulties knew better than to even try to fuck with us, because we've got DOUG DECINCES and BARKMARKET on our side. 

You gon' get:

  • Intro
  • The longest email segment in history
  • Barkmarket
  • Righting the wrongs of the All-Star Game
  • European vacation, band stuffs
  • Farewell from Not Jose Mota

All music on this episode (besides the opening/closing theme) is from Barkmarket's L. Ron, and is used without permission. You should totally buy a copy and consume it daily. 

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If you've actually read this far, something may be seriously wrong with you.

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