The Productive Outs PRODcast
PRODcast 31: The Dave Winfield "I am truly sorry that a fowl of Canada is no longer with us" International Incident-Avoidance Edition

Here it is, #31. The badass Dave Winfield one. Prolly our last show of the year, so we included the best of 2012 stuff herein. Get into it. 

  • Open
  • Emails
  • Musical guest: National Sunday Law
  • Ye Old Hotte Steuve
  • 2012 Best of PROD
  • Plugs n' such
  • Not Jose Mota sings "Rudolph el Reno de Nariz Roja"

As always, thanks for listening. Y'all are the best. 

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PRODcast 30: Nolan Ryan's Wads of Meat

Just two segments but we STILL managed to talk for an hour and 40 minutes. It's a gift, people!

  1. Open
  2. Emails
  3. Musical guest: EL-P
  4. Hot Stove chat
  5. Other stuff
  6. Goodbye

Music is off El-P's stellar Cancer for Cure album except for "Rush Over Brooklyn" which is a web-only kinda deal. 

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PRODcast 29: The "I Got Mad Hits Like I Was Rod Carew" Shew

Did you know? Per wikipedia, Rod Carew has never formally converted to Judaism.

  1. Hello
  2. Emails!
  3. Music: Kowloon Walled City
  4. Interview! Ben Lindbergh
  5. Hot Stove chatta
  6. Goodbye!

2:04:00; mp3; all rights whatever.

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PRODcast 28: The Bert Blyleven "I <3 to Fart" Episode

Killer show, y'all. 

  1. Open
  2. Emails, including the craze soon to sweep baseball: catapults and crow's nests!
  3. Musical guest: THE EVENS
  4. Humanoid guest: Zachary Levine
  5. Baseball things, including Madson, Greinke, Myers, Lincecum. and Guthrie
  6. Plugs for records and shirts
  7. Byeeeeeee!

PRODcast 27: The Mike F***ing Trout Edition

Twinny-seven eppersodes! That's crazy. Here's what we got:

  1. Open
  2. Emails
  3. Musical guest: DEFTONES
  4. Interview: Mike Petrielo of Mike Scioscia's Tragic Illness
  5. The Hot Stove blows up in our faces!
  6. Arizona Fall League
  8. Bye!

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PRODcast 26: Satchel Paige's Satchel Page

Even when we try and do a short show, it still ends up being over 2 hours long. WHATEVER.

  • Open 
  • Emails
  • Musical Guest: TRASH TALK
  • Humanoid Guest: C. Trent Rosecrans
  • Projecting the Top Free Agent Landing Spots
  • Upcoming Junk
  • Outro

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PRODcast 25: Jose Cruz' Puerto Rican DADHAT Jubilee

The 2012 MLB season might be over, but we're not! This show is for the children.

  • Opening seg mant
  • Email seg mant
  • Musical guest: NAILS
  • Verbal guest: Grant Brisbee
  • Thrice's "Anthology" is out, and there is no studio trickery involved
  • Other stuff that is in the offing
  • Adieu
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PRODcast 24: The Say Hey Kid Edition


  • Agenda
  • Emails
  • Musical Guest: Death Grips
  • Special Guest: Mark F*cking Trumbo
  • The Giants Win the Pennant!
  • Incorrect World Series Predictions
  • Give Credit Where It's Due, Dude: Managers & Front Offices 
  • Ozzie Guillen? More Likle Ozzie Goin', Am I Right???
  • The Future Is Bright for the Cardinals
  • Market Research


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PRODcast 23: Don Mattingly's Buntf**king Orgy

We're back after a weeklong layoff! We missed you. Did you miss us? 

The agenderp:

  • Your emails
  • Musical guest: PINBACK
  • Ian's three-night engagement at oCoCo for the ALDS
  • ALCS: The death of Derek Jeter, the charging Tigers, and a half-empty Yankee Stadium
  • NLCS: The Slide, Ryan Vogelsong, and Trevor Rosenthal
  • New Kowloon Walled City LP info, shirts, thanks

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PRODcast 22: The Ball(s) Between Bill Buckner's Legs

Number 22 goes a little sumthin' like this (HIT IT!)

  • Emails
  • Musical guest: METZ
  • Non-musical guest WENDY THURM
  • The personified disappointment that is the Angels 2012 season
  • The Giants are the converse (or is it inverse?) of that
  • Awards talk
  • The new Wild Card format is nothing if not WILD
  • The J. Weeks/B. Crawford body swap
  • Ian is all cryptic about the forthcoming Kowloon Walled City record

p.s.: here's the dildo pic if you wanna see it

p.p.s we have new shirts now, and they are awesome

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PRODcast 21: The Wallace Keith Joyner Looks Like An Index Finger Edition

21! We're now of legal age for all the fun stuff, including:

  • Intro
  • Emails
  • Musical guest: CASPIAN
  • International sporting guest: Drew Fairservice
  • Angels gift baskets
  • BP doin' thangs
  • Outro 

Thanks for listening, everyone. 

PRODcast 20: Don Sutton's Salt 'N Pepper Perm


This episode has it all! Or at least some. 

  • Intro
  • Many, Many Emails
  • Musical guest: DEERHOOF
  • Baseballish guest: Doug Thorburn
  • Based Ball Discussion
  • Ian Rode a Bike for an Entire Day
  • Riley Hung Out with Vin Scully
  • Jose Mota Teaches You About Bikram Yoga

If you've read this far, have a cookie!

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PRODcast 19: Tony Gwynn's Duck Fart Into Short Left Field

Such a good episode. Get it into your synapses ASPAses. 

  1. Intro
  2. Emailses
  3. Musical Guest: Title Fight
  4. Special Guest: Jason Parks
  5. Outro

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PRODcast 18: We’re Legal (Or, The Ted Kluszewski Edition)

Hello. There are cats in casts that have been put into a pod and loaded into the internet.
The cats are arrayed thusly:

  • Emails
  • Musical guest: Mount Carmel
  • Jason Cole of Lonestar Dugout
  • Playoff races/Dog days of summer (totally NOT a cat)
  • Postseason award predictions
  • Ian's night in the clubhouse/press box/holy shit
  • The End Of Up & In/KG to the 'Stros, Parks called up
  • Site/logo redesign
  • Buh bye
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PRODcast 17: The Dock Ellis LSD Trip

Intimate show. No guest. Just stupid music and baseball talk. 

  • Emails
  • Musical guest: GAZA
  • The Nick Punto trade
  • Wild card races are bona fide crazy
  • Home plate collisions and lessons on being a Real Man

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PRODcast 16: Dwight Gooden’s Cocaine-Fueled Assault and Battery Edition

Another week, another two-hour-plus gabfest. This un' has:

  • Intro
  • Emails
  • Musical guest Killer Mike
  • Guest segment: Bradley Ankrom of the Internet
  • Steroids (yawn), Colon, Melky, and Clemens
  • What the fuck with the Angels already?
  • Ian lived in the scoreboard in Oakland and Riley made a pilgrimage to Petco (where the pets go) 
  • Ian's birfday, Riley's new band and new gig
  • MOTA

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PRODcast 15: The Disco Dan Ford Edition

Another epic show this week -- 2 hours-plus! 

And it goes a little sumthin' like this (HIT IT!)

  • Hello
  • Emails
  • Musical Guest: Cloudkicker
  • Special Guest: Buell Handsock of SB Nation & The Planet Earth
  • You Down With OPP (Outperforming Preseason Projections)?
  • Buster Posey Is Really Good At Baseball
  • The Phillies Are Toast And That’s Funny
  • The Crazy AL Central Race
  • Billy Hamilton: Still Fast
  • Upcoming Stuffs
  • Buh-bye

As always, thanks for listening. Interact with us here:

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PRODcast 14: Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Bullpen Management & Lineup Construction

This is another long one (that's not what she said! OH!), so get comfortable. 

  • Intro
  • Lonnnnnnnng-ass email segment!
  • Musical guest: TIGON, with tracks from their new record, Infinite Teeth.
  • Who are the worst hitters in the blig leagues so far this season?
  • Holy shit, the Astros are bad.
  • Mike Trout just turned 21. What were you doing at 21? 
  • Updates on Kowloon Walled City and The Music Project with Ed and Mike
  • The Ballad of Jose Mota (You're going to want to stick around for this, trust me.)

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PRODcast 13: Omar Vizquel's DADHAT Extravaganza

We've got a delicious family-size show for you this week! 

It includes:

  • A precocious amuse-bouche intro
  • A nutritious email segment
  • A hearty interview with Ricardo Marquez and Ashley Chavez
  • A lovingly prepared analysis of every trade in baseball history
  • A sweet and satisfying musical segment with BARONESS, and
  • A visit from your chef, Jose Mota

As always, thanks for listening. You can ask questions/get involved/make fun of us in the following virtual locations:

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PRODcast 12: The Wade Boggs' Mustachioed, Pre-Game-Chicken-Eating, Beer-Chugging, Philandering Spectacular

Just reading the title takes an hour, so there's just 7 minutes of actual content. 


We gots:

  • How the hell did the AL West become the most exciting division in baseball??
  • Angles/Ginats
  • Tame Impala!
  • Outro

As always, keep those cards and letter coming, and thanks for listening! 

r & i

PRODcast 11: The Doug Decinces Edition

Technical difficulties knew better than to even try to fuck with us, because we've got DOUG DECINCES and BARKMARKET on our side. 

You gon' get:

  • Intro
  • The longest email segment in history
  • Barkmarket
  • Righting the wrongs of the All-Star Game
  • European vacation, band stuffs
  • Farewell from Not Jose Mota

All music on this episode (besides the opening/closing theme) is from Barkmarket's L. Ron, and is used without permission. You should totally buy a copy and consume it daily. 

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You can email us at productiveouts at googlemail.

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If you've actually read this far, something may be seriously wrong with you.

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PRODcast 10: The Andre Dawson Edition

Good lord what a nightmare. Ian's soundcard was fucking up every few minutes, but we soldiered on. You're gonna hear lots of weird, awkward segues though, as we try to piece together a show from no fewer than 20 different audio files. We appreciate your patience.

This show has it all! Or at least some.

  • Emails!
  • The Thrice farewell tour
  • The Giants/Angels series
  • The College World Series
  • Famous Stars & Straps
  • Old Man Gloom!
  • Probably some other stupid stuff I forgot

Thanks for listening, sharing, writing, rating, and reviewing. You guys rule.

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PRODcast 9: The Reggie Jackson Edition

Hey, we found time to talk! Riley broadcasts live from a closet in Daytona Beach. No lie. 

We've got:

  • Thrice tour report
  • Emails
  • Angels and Giants state of the unions
  • Baseball Prospectus event at the Oakland Coliseum
  • Ian's new gig
  • More tour shenanigans
  • Musical guest after the fact: Animals as Leaders

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PRODcast 8: The Bob Boone Edition

No guest. Just Riley and Ian talking endlessly about baseball and music and baseball and then more music. And also baseball.

  • Your emails. Beer, soda, and uni talk. 
  • Oppo taco and other ridiculous synonyms for home runs
  • Angels & Giants states of the union
  • DADLAP, hipsterlap, gunt, frontballs, and related topics
  • The Bobby VLOLentine LOLs of the Week
  • Imaad Wasif!
  • Stanford beisbol mini-report: Mark Appel and Alex Blandino
  • Behind-the-scenes music talk: tour logistics
  • Not Jose Mota drops knowledge
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PRODcast 7: We Are All Pedro Feliz


Here's how it's gonna go down:

  • Riley gets kidnapped by a dude who's wasted on cough syrup. 
  • Your awesome emails!
  •, God's gift to baseball fans
  • Check in on the Giants & Angels
  • Ian's special day of baseball nerdery!
  • Upcoming Kowloon Walled City and Thrice news
  • And then Not Jose Mota

And we're done!

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PRODcast 6: The Steve Garvey, You're Not My Padre Edition

And it goes a little sumthin' like this:

  • Emails
  • BL'AST!
  • Stupid shit
  • Kevin Goldstein interview!
  • Adios

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PRODcast 5: The Peak Production Years

This is the last week of non-real baseball, so we had to go deep to come up with almost 2 hours of nonsense to talk about. We've got:

  • BOLD MLB Predictions!
  • Your emails
  • Hall of Jeffs
  • Sam Miller!

As always, thanks for listening!

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PRODcast 4: The DadLap Edition
  • You sent us emails. We answered them. 
  • We tell you about Unsane.
  • We talk Spring Training. 
  • Hall of Jeffs. LOL of the Week. DADLAP. 
  • Grant Brisbee talks about meeting Pat Burrell and explaining ERA+ to him. 
  • Phoenix is a weird place with ghosts and guns. And ghosts with guns. 

P.S.: Our sweet new theme song was written and recorded by Riley and Ian and mixed by Scott Evans

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Our longest episode yet, at nearly 90 minutes. We discuss:

  1. Our cool new t-shirts
  2. Hall of Jeffs update
  3. Our musical guest: O'Brother
  4. Two things that could sink the Giants and the Angels
  5. South by Southwest from the musician's perspective
  6. Fantasy baseball, pro and con
  7. New Kowloon Walled City rekkid

Direct download: PRODcast_3.mp3
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Episode 2 is in your earholes! We've got:

  • Riley's Spring Training Report
  • The Hall of Jeffs (and Geoffs)
  • Dog Shredder and the pro's and cons of Bad Religion

Thanks for listening!

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Riley and Ian prattle on about:

  • The start of spring training
  • Their respective upcoming trips to the Cactus League
  • Season previews of the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
  • East of the Wall!

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